Course Catalog- Original Curriculum

When went live 10 years ago, it was based in the 3rd edition of D&D (or the 3.5 edition, if you prefer). The anchor of the entire website was presenting the character classes as courses available at the school. I later changed it to 4th edition, before letting it die.

This time around, we’re tagging every edition. Even the little pamphlet version that started it all.

04a- 0e Curriculum1

Nothing is added to this document since the first upload, but I made some layout changes. Enjoy.

Demographic Survey

On the original Sigil Prep website, one of the most popular things was the list of character races, with all the quotes about each. Well, the Demographic Survey is where you’re going to find those now. Hundreds of races from the D&D multiverse, and how each fits into the overall dynamic of Sigil Prep. According to the students. Eventually, this document should include every race that was overtly presented as playable in any edition of D&D.

As it is, it’s pretty heft.

03- Demographic Survey1

Super special thanks to Ghostwheel, who saved a good deal of my old 3.5 material and posted it on,

Sigil Prep World Book

The World Book document gives you the lowdown on the school, including a tour of the campus, the ins and outs of life at Sigil Prep, and a handy calendar full of fewer important dates than I’d like. (I abandoned an idea to include every holiday mentioned in a D&D source, because it would have gotten out of hand very, very quickly).

02- Sigil Prep World Book1

Since the previous upload, I’ve begun the history of Sigil Prep, as told by the founders of the school themselves.

Read This First

The Read This First document explains the setting in its most basic way. It includes a couple of bits of mood-setting fiction, plus some out-of-character explanation. If you’ve never seen Sigil Prep before, this tells you the what’s what. (But not the Who’s Who. That comes later.)

01- Read First1 (very slightly modified from the first upload)

And the Rest

The member schools of the Sigil Prep universe’s athletic association, by conference. Many of these are beyond barebones, but as always, this is a work in progress. If you want to see what these are supposed to look like, start with Eberron, or Dark Sun, or Oriental Adventures.
















Let’s Add a Little Meat

NPCs for your enjoyment, as well as the community around the college, which is rife for its own kind of adventure. And for extra measure, the Planescape Collegiate Athletic Association.





And remember once again, nothing is complete. The Faculty Guide especially is still missing a few critical names, and the list of sports in the PCAA guide is laughably incomplete.

Tomorrow… schools. All the schools.

You Know What People Really Loved About Sigil Prep back in the day?

The race and class write-ups. So here. Here you go.









Keep in mind, I have not yet been through nearly all the books, so nothing’s “missing” so much as “not there yet”. On the other hand, if you’re sure I’ve overlooked something, go ahead and let me know.