Welcome to Sigil Prep

art by David Cummings

Sigil Prep is the most prestigious adventuring school in the multiverse, and it accepts only the most promising of future wizards, clerics, fighters, rogues and monks. In the heart of the planar metropolis of Sigil, students learn the basics of magic in all its forms, weapons play, stealth and all the skills that matter in the world of adventuring.

The Sigil Prep setting is a comedic, collegiate romp that explores the entire depth and breadth of the D&D multiverse, from the gleaming towers of Sharn to the bustling streets of Waterdeep to that one setting you’ve never heard of, but it’s pretty cool. It’s got ghosts and stuff.


Sigil Prep is a school of diverse personalities, outrageous objectives, and unlimited potential. Whether you’re a dwarf fighter, a halfling rogue, or a tabaxi ranger, Sigil Prep is going to give you an educational experience like no other.

So buy your books, sign up for your classes, and get ready, kids, for Sigil Prep!


Adventure IS education. Perhaps your campaign consists of adventures sponsored by the faculty, and the characters are graded on their performance. Professors are always on hand, or at least nearby, and lectures and demonstrations are integrated into the action.

The school is a backdrop. Your characters are all students and the school is how they know each other, but their actual adventures can come from any direction. As in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for instance, perhaps they meet at the school or use its resources, but for the most part, the school is just a backdrop and their adventures can take them all over.

The school is a place of mystery. Perhaps the adventures don’t directly relate to class, but they do stem from the school itself. As with the Boy Wizard School books, secret passages and mysterious landmarks, events from the past, or conspiracies involving the faculty themselves are all elements that lead to adventure.

General shenanigans. Are we even adventuring, or are we just goofing off? Stealing the rival school’s mascot before the big game, epic pranks on the neighboring dorm, weekend trips to Theros, taking your date to that great new theme park in the Nine Hells. Young people in a fantasy multiverse have a wide range of bad ideas to explore.

A little from each. Why be tied down? Pick and choose. One epic adventure that decides your midterm grade might be followed by a little shenanigan during your downtime. There’s lots to do, so let’s get started.