Worlds within Worlds

Alrighty, then. I’ve created a new Worlds Appendix document, listing worlds. So many worlds. And I’m not even close to done cataloging worlds. The home for this is on the PCAA page (check the menu above).

This supersedes the Wildspace Appendix of Worlds, because I’ve figured many of them aren’t accessible through Wildspace (at least that we know of).

Worlds appendix

Of Wizards and Rah Rah

Couple of updates to some documents.


Three new cheerleaders for the Secret Society: Courtney Deftdagger, Rachael Whatley, and most importantly, Genna Brokendeath. (She was very important in my original Sigil Prep game)

Faculty Arcane2

Added a few names to the Arcane Faculty: Bigby, Ceatitle Trodar Northman, Tenser, and Wimpell Frump. I’ve also moved the Lord of Blades to Arcane and out of the Monster Faculty.

Slightly Updated OD&D

To satisfy my slightly updated OCD.

The 0 edition document now includes Lycanthrope, Ninja, and Witch classes, as well as a few zillion Magic-User subclasses that begin with “Wizard of”. And I believe that’s all the zero-edition classes there are.

0e Majors2