Sigil Prep is a comedic campaign setting for D&D, set in a prestigious (and insane) University, in the bustling city of Sigil in the center of the multiverse. Students from across the planes attend to learn the fine art of adventuring from the best of the best. Take spellcasting classes from Mordenkainen; learn the arts of necromancy from Strahd von Zarovich; gain the thieving skills you can only gain by taking a course taught by Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Deal with arrogant Drow cheerleaders, the beholder in charge of your dorm floor (who just wants you to try his lemon squares. They’re delish!), under-supervised field trips to the Tomb of Horrors, beer blasts, trips off campus, just about any kind of trouble a young adventurer can get into. All that, and a final exam administered by Raistlen Majere.

The world of Sigil Prep contains a lot of different elements, and as such is organized into various documents to aid in locating existing (and updated) information. Each of these documents will be updated frequently, so take a look back from time to time to see what’s new.

THE WORLD OF SIGIL PREP– A (mostly) edition-neutral campaign guide

CURRICULUM GUIDES– Course catalogs for your favorite edition of D&D, covering majors, sub-majors and areas of interest

NPC GUIDE– Students and teachers of good ol’ SP

SIGIL EAST– A comfy little college town in the heart of the multiverse’s most bustling city

THE PLANESCAPE COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION– College sports and the other schools of the D&D multiverse

WHAT’S NEW– An up-to-the-minute blog covering updates to the site

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