The greenway is bustling with activity as Orientation Day is in full swing. All manMaddie Webberner of fraternities and clubs hassle you as you pass; a mermaid sits forlornly above the tank in a dunking booth waiting for someone to buy a turn; a pair of yuan-ti purebloods in white shirt and tie try to pass out holy tracts on the service of Merrshaulk, along with rather dubious “fruit drinks.” You’ve never seen such an assortment of people together in one place.

After a brisk stroll through the crowds, you reach the center of the festival, and three rather imposing queues: ‘Freshman students A to L, this line,’ ‘Freshman students M to Z, this line,’ and ‘All freshman students with apostrophes in their names, this line only.’ As you wait, a Drow girl in a tight sweater and short skirt in the school’s colors of Gold and White walks down the line, handing out flyers. “Cheerleading tryouts are this afternoon at 4. Cheerleading tryouts, be sure to… eww, not you.” She hands you a flyer and walks on. In front of you, a gnome student snickers. “A Drow cheerleader? Ha, more like ‘fearleader’, am I right?” Without a pause, the Drow snaps her fingers, and arms come out of… somewhere and drag the gnome out of line and away.

She turns, with a rather stern look on her face. “Drow culture does not tolerate puns.”

Sigil Prep is a comedic campaign setting for D&D, set in a prestigious(ish) University, in the bustling city of Sigil in the center of the multiverse. Students from across the planes attend to learn the fine art of adventuring from the best of the best. Take spellcasting classes from Mordenkainen; learn the arts of necromancy from Strahd von Zarovich; gain the thieving skills you can only gain by taking a course taught by Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Deal with arrogant Drow cheerleaders, the beholder in charge of your dorm floor (who just wants you to try his lemon squares. They’re delish!), under-supervised field trips to the Tomb of Horrors, beer blasts, trips off campus, just about any kind of trouble a young adventurer can get into. All that, and a final exam administered by Raistlen Majere.

In the STUDENTS HANDBOOK, you will find everything a player needs to begin his first day at Sigil Prep, with new character options for 5th edition D&D! (The author would like to warn that these options may not be balanced. Critique and balance advice is welcome)

Chapter 1- An Introduction

Chapter 2- Character Creation

Chapter 3- Demographics (races of Sigil Prep) [includes Dairy Genasi subrace]

Chapter 4- Course Catalogue

Chapter 5- Equipment

Chapter 6- Spells of Sigil Prep

Chapter 7- Psionics of Sigil Prep



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