And once more with feeling

04e- 4e Curriculum5

Another big update to the Fourth Curriculum, this time including:

  • Some textual additions to the introduction
  • Added an entire, rather lengthy section on “Freshmen Career Tracks” (Themes)
  • I killed the small section that talked about those Multiclass feats that really didn’t belong to a class (Bolo Mastery, Spiked Chain Mastery et al), because really, those are Feats, not classes, and I can’t very well just list all the damned feats and try to make humorous commentary on them)

In addition, the following things were added:

  • Under Arcane College: Added Mage to the Wizard write-up; also, the following Paragon tracks: Master of Flame, Sharakim Blademaster
  • Divine College: Added Warpriest to the Cleric write-up; also the following Paragon tracks: Enlightened Word, Lightning Blitzer, Mighty Judge
  • Martial College: Added Knight and Weaponmaster to the Fighter write-up, and Thief to the Rogue write-up
  • Primal College: Paragon tracks: Moonrise Stalker, Scion of the All-Spirit
  • Psionic College: Falling Needle Itinerant
  • Shadow College: Added Executioner to the Assassin write-up; plus the following Paragon tracks: Gloaming Dancer, Guild Executioner
  • many, many general Paragon tracks: Arrow of the Moonbow, Azure Guard, Covenant Agent, Dark Star, Element Unchained, Fang of Zehir, Fear Walker, Formless Predator, Goliath Juggernaut, Heavenly Deceiver, Herald of Madness, Moon Hunter, Ocular Adept, Phantasmagoric Scoundrel, Phrenic Master, Scion of Leng, Silver-Tongued Scoundrel, Soaring Rake, Soul Binder, Treeborn, and White Horn Knight
  • And some grad studies: Draconic Incarnation, God-Emperor, Heir of Siberys, Thief of Legend, and Unyielding Sentinel

Next time, things that aren’t 4e!

Backwater worlds

08p- Spelljammer3

Updating the Spelljammer Conference, with several new schools with full write-ups (The Black Academy, the Bleak Academy, Ironstone Academy, Rumor the Hidden Academy, Shadowdeep, and the White Lotus Academy), plus Division B schools (the Ebon Tower,  the Platinum Academy, and the War College), and Division C schools (Ascarmel, Derdath, Iocaste Academy, and Sagamar).

Also, a few worlds added to the “Worlds of the PCAA” index: Aerth, Bas-Lag, Last Unicorn world, Realm of the Elderlings, Sleepy Hollow, Uerth, and Yarth.

Too Many Options? No such thing.

03- Demographic Survey3

Beefed up the Demographic Survey a bit, with a bunch of new races:

  • Added some Human subraces: Botangle human, Complacent human, Foamgatherer Human, Sunspray Human, Vistani, and Wolfstone human
  • Dwarf subraces: exiled dwarf and forgeborn dwarf
  • Elf subraces: declining elf, dusk elf, winterkin eladrin
  • A few oddball Planetouched: Azerblood, Celadrin, D’hin’ni, and Worghest
  • One oddball Goblinoid: Norker
  • And a whole mess of “Other”: Adu’ja, Cyclopean (Menta and Feral-Kind), Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker, Diaboli, Bozak Draconian, Cactacae, Dhampyr, Garuda, techno Gnomes, Glimmerfolk, Golmoid, Gruwaar, Unsheltered halfling, Khepri, Phanaton, Revenant, T’kel, Tortle, and Vodyanoi

So how are you guys doing?

Plugging ever away at 4e

04e- 4e Curriculum4

I’ve updated the Fourth Curriculum guide once more, with many lovely goodies:

  • The entire Shadow College and Shadow College Paragon Tracks sections, for one thing
  • Arcane College: added Warrior Forge Artificer to the Artificer listing, plus the following Paragon Tracks: Academy Master, Arcane Armorer, Astral Ascendent, Blessed Psalmist, Daring Blade, Familiar Bloodsmith, Familiar Keeper, Glee-Born, Long Night Scion, Luckbender, Mythic Skald, Ninefold Master, Phantasm Guard, Resourceful Magician, Spell Commander, Tome Adept, and Umbral Cabalist
  • Divine College: added Adamant Instructor, Arbiter of Forgotten Justice, Chromatic Bane, Fortune Blessed, Gnome Nightcloak, Soul Reaper, Vengeful Crusader, Watcher of Vengeance, and Zealous Demogogue
  • Martial College: added Bladestorm Duelist, Great Weapon Master, Siegebreaker, Snapping Tetsudo, and Wrathbearer
  • Primal College: added Animus Predator, Breach Warden, Primal Mapper, Scion of Renewal, Soul Igniter, and Stormcaller
  • General Paragon Tracks: Argentum Agent, Avenging Haunt, Bralani Wintersoul, Broken Mirror, Champion of the Labyrinth, Darkening Blade, Dragonfoe Ragespell, Enemy of the Abyss, Favored of Mielikki, Fireforged Champion, Half-Elf Polymath, Keeper of the Past, Mercurial Assassin, Mithral Arm, Scion of Absence, Shyran Spiritblade, Soul of Erosion, Soulforged, Storvakal, Traveler’s Harlequin, Underchasm Darkwatcher, and Vistani Execrator
  • And to Grad Studies: Bahamut’s Vessel, Disincarnate, Free Soul, Perfect Slayer, Raven Knight, and Soul of the World

Next update should be to the Demographic Survey, on account of I’ve added a lot of races since last time I uploaded it. We’ll see.

And pleading the Fourth

Updates to the Fourth Curriculum include:

Summoner Wizard build added to Wizard, Tempest Fighter build added to Fighter

Arcane paragon programs: Nightmare Weaver and Student of Caiphon

Divine paragon programs: Luckbringer of Tymore

Martial paragon programs: Arena Champion, Draeven Marauder, Oman Giantkiller, Tharos Imposter, Thay Infiltrator

Primal paragon program: Blightbeast

Interdepartmental paragon programs: Abiding Reaper, Bloodknight, Curseborn, Deadstalker, Doomspeaker, Soldier of Conquest, Son of Mercy

Graduate programs: Darklord, Elf High Mage, Harper of Legend, Keybearer, Mythic Sovereign, Prince of Hell, Prison of the Winds, Punisher of the Gods, Radiant One, Raven Consort, Reborn Champion, Redeemed Drow, Storm Sovereign, and Winter Sovereign

And last but not least, I added a Minor Only Programs section to cover those weird Multiclass feats that didn’t multiclass with an actual class. YOu know the ones.

04e- 4e Curriculum3

Dang, this school got a lot of students.

Today’s Yearbook update includes several new clubs: the Beta Beta Epsilon Gamma fraternity, a capella group the D# Princesses (moved Mierra, Becca Hontas, and Winter White here), the Fencing Team, the Mage Duel team, the Raven’s Guild, the Second Life Alliance, and Students for Vecan (moved Biklik here).

In addition, I’ve added two characters to Delta Ampersand Delta (Brady d’Bennigans and Hinoshita) and one character to They Might Be Doppelgangers (Ponder). Aaaaand, for good measure, in the general students section, meet Adeleine Corris, Autumn Twilight and Spring Dawning, Edelin, Gorrin, Smedler, and “Tagalong” Tindell.  Woo. Hoo.

06- Yearbook3