Twofer Tuesd… oh wait, it’s Saturday

Here’s a couple of updates for you.

03- Demographic Survey4

In the Demographic Survey, we plug in several elven subraces (Chossum Clan, Erendyl Clan, Faedial Clan, Grunalf Clan, Long Runner Clan, Maelidil Clan, Red Arrow Clan, and Water Elves), as well as Bladelings and a Draconian (Kapak).

And then, in the Basic Curriculum:

04z- Basic Curriculum4

Whoa! Merchant-Prince!

And also a sub-class of Elf (Elf Wizard), and a sub-class of Halfling (Master).

The Basic D&D Gazetteers were super-fun, for the record. I think Mystara may, end of the day, be my favorite setting.

So why not another Mystara update?


Seems like I’ve done a lot to it lately. I added a whole bunch of new schools:

  • Edrecort’s Academy
  • Founder College
  • Ierendi Naval Academy
  • Ierendi Public School
  • Ierendi School of the Arts (Ierendi values education, I guess)

I also added two schools to the Division B index (Silver Blade School, University in the Citadel), and one to the Division C index (Scholar Tulinel’s Academy).

Further, I modified the text for the Great School of Magic a bit.


05- Faculty Guide5

The faculty guide gets a few new faces, including Stefan Karameikos III (in the Circle of Deans), leaving only one more Dean spot before the Circle is complete. (I know who it is, I just haven’t written him up yet, because my schemes are Machiavellian and circuitous.

Also added: Under Arcane faculty, Bargle the Infamous.

Under Roguish faculty: Candella and Duchess

Under Martial faculty: Ludwig von Hendricks, Pandora

Under Monster faculty: Boltzolto

Of Black Academies and Bleak Ones

Two, two, two updates in one.

08i- Greyhawk4

Added the Black Academy to the Greyhawk Conference document. As a result of that…

08p- Spelljammer4

I did some textual tweaks to the Black Academy in the Spelljammer Conference, as well as the Bleak Academy, which has a very similar backstory to the Greyhawk Black Academy. I also added a head cheerleader to the Black Academy, because I didn’t have one (very unlike me).

And while I was at it, the Appendix of known worlds has added Aston Point, the Homeworld of the Barrier Peaks ship, Overseer’s World, and Tam-Rael.