Ravenloft Redux

Updating the Volo’s Ravenloft document:

Volos Ravenloft02

Tvashti University has been removed, pending its own upcoming document, and the University of Il Aluk’s text has been expanded. I’ve also added the College in Armeikos and the College d’Art. Plus, new art by David Cummings.

Even more sports (and real schools)

Much updating:


I’ve greatly expanded the list of sports for the PCAA document, along with adding some text to the “What’s a Cheerleader For?” page.


I added Terri Tesla to the Cheerleaders document, representing a new school I’ll be detailing very soon. And…

Volos Gothic Earth02

Volo’s Guide to Gothic Earth now contains an unholy amount of Division B and C schools. Seriously. I may need professional help.

Updates, Sports Fans

Updating a couple of documents today, not because I’ve added a lot, but because David has:



The Cheerleaders document adds Tvashti head cheerleader, Misty Mordenheim, plus some new art, while the PCAA document adds the beginnings of a page of sports listings, plus new art, including some awesome new helmet designs.

I am totally in love with David’s helmet designs.

Here are David’s helmet designs: