05- Faculty Guide5

The faculty guide gets a few new faces, including Stefan Karameikos III (in the Circle of Deans), leaving only one more Dean spot before the Circle is complete. (I know who it is, I just haven’t written him up yet, because my schemes are Machiavellian and circuitous.

Also added: Under Arcane faculty, Bargle the Infamous.

Under Roguish faculty: Candella and Duchess

Under Martial faculty: Ludwig von Hendricks, Pandora

Under Monster faculty: Boltzolto

Of Black Academies and Bleak Ones

Two, two, two updates in one.

08i- Greyhawk4

Added the Black Academy to the Greyhawk Conference document. As a result of that…

08p- Spelljammer4

I did some textual tweaks to the Black Academy in the Spelljammer Conference, as well as the Bleak Academy, which has a very similar backstory to the Greyhawk Black Academy. I also added a head cheerleader to the Black Academy, because I didn’t have one (very unlike me).

And while I was at it, the Appendix of known worlds has added Aston Point, the Homeworld of the Barrier Peaks ship, Overseer’s World, and Tam-Rael.

Fresh from the WotC website

Added the Mystic class to the 5e document. Part of me really hopes they reconsider and call this class “Psion” when it gets put in a book (are they even going to do books anymore? I miss books). On the other hand, I’ll have to rewrite the whole description if they change it, because it has a lot to do with making fun of calling the class “Mystic”

04f- 5e Curriculum3

Sorry for the delay

I haven’t dropped out of Sigil Prep, I just haven’t made significant content changes to anything to update in a while. Working on it. Should have some solid updates this week upcoming.

Schools of the Planes!

08n- Planescape3

Added two new schools to the Planescape Conference: Callanar the White Spires and the Obsidian Tower.

In addition, I updated the text of the description of the Great Wheel Cosmology to include the World Serpent Inn and too many demiplanes to list.

Also, the Division B schools include the University of Kerith-Ald.

Da Facultees

05- Faculty Guide4

Whatever did I do to the faculty?

Well, the Arcane faculty gets Elminster (about time), while the Martial Faculty gets somebody named Ysrilla Lightstep. Roguish Faculty gets Guin Terabuck, Primal gets Wulfgar (yay!), and the Shadow faculty has recruited the Black Blade of Raam and Jaspyr Stonebreach

I really need to beef up the Divine faculty…