Course Catalog- Basic Curriculum

An off-to-the-side curriculum for the long running off-to-the-side Basic D&D. If you know your basics, there’s the original “blue box” Basic set (the Holmes set), the revised Basic and Expert boxed set (the Moldvay rules), and the multiply boxed-setted BECMI rules (the Mentzer rules), followed by the Rules Cyclopedia, which combined the BECM part of BECMI into a single volume.

However, unlike the AD&D/”D&D after 3e” editions, each edition of Basic pretty much stayed compatible with what came before. As a result, and because this is out of hand as it is, I’m putting all those Basic editions into one document here.

04z- Basic Curriculum1

A few additions since the original upload, notably some classes-that-are-races that appeared in Dragon Magazine.