Because why not?

Updated all the athletic conferences, whether they needed it or not. (Some didn’t change.) Greyhawk has enjoyed a hefty growth, and lots of worlds added to Spelljammer. Lots of worlds. At some point, Dragon Magazine in the 2000s translated something from nearly every computer game into D&D stats. Combine that with my obsessiveness…

Anyway, from here on, I am going to be very descriptive of what’s been added or changed when I re-upload a document, so you can quickly find any new information. I love you guys like that.

08a- PCAA2

08b- Al-Qadim2

08c- Birthright2

08d- Blackmoor2

08e- Dark Sun2

08f- Dragonlance2

08g- Eberron3

08h- Forgotten Realms2

08i- Greyhawk2

08j- Kalamar2

08k- Lankhmar2


08m- Oriental Adventures2

08n- Planescape2

08o- Ravenloft2

08p- Spelljammer2