Dang, this school got a lot of students.

Today’s Yearbook update includes several new clubs: the Beta Beta Epsilon Gamma fraternity, a capella group the D# Princesses (moved Mierra, Becca Hontas, and Winter White here), the Fencing Team, the Mage Duel team, the Raven’s Guild, the Second Life Alliance, and Students for Vecan (moved Biklik here).

In addition, I’ve added two characters to Delta Ampersand Delta (Brady d’Bennigans and Hinoshita) and one character to They Might Be Doppelgangers (Ponder). Aaaaand, for good measure, in the general students section, meet Adeleine Corris, Autumn Twilight and Spring Dawning, Edelin, Gorrin, Smedler, and “Tagalong” Tindell.  Woo. Hoo.

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