And pleading the Fourth

Updates to the Fourth Curriculum include:

Summoner Wizard build added to Wizard, Tempest Fighter build added to Fighter

Arcane paragon programs: Nightmare Weaver and Student of Caiphon

Divine paragon programs: Luckbringer of Tymore

Martial paragon programs: Arena Champion, Draeven Marauder, Oman Giantkiller, Tharos Imposter, Thay Infiltrator

Primal paragon program: Blightbeast

Interdepartmental paragon programs: Abiding Reaper, Bloodknight, Curseborn, Deadstalker, Doomspeaker, Soldier of Conquest, Son of Mercy

Graduate programs: Darklord, Elf High Mage, Harper of Legend, Keybearer, Mythic Sovereign, Prince of Hell, Prison of the Winds, Punisher of the Gods, Radiant One, Raven Consort, Reborn Champion, Redeemed Drow, Storm Sovereign, and Winter Sovereign

And last but not least, I added a Minor Only Programs section to cover those weird Multiclass feats that didn’t multiclass with an actual class. YOu know the ones.

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