Plugging ever away at 4e

04e- 4e Curriculum4

I’ve updated the Fourth Curriculum guide once more, with many lovely goodies:

  • The entire Shadow College and Shadow College Paragon Tracks sections, for one thing
  • Arcane College: added Warrior Forge Artificer to the Artificer listing, plus the following Paragon Tracks: Academy Master, Arcane Armorer, Astral Ascendent, Blessed Psalmist, Daring Blade, Familiar Bloodsmith, Familiar Keeper, Glee-Born, Long Night Scion, Luckbender, Mythic Skald, Ninefold Master, Phantasm Guard, Resourceful Magician, Spell Commander, Tome Adept, and Umbral Cabalist
  • Divine College: added Adamant Instructor, Arbiter of Forgotten Justice, Chromatic Bane, Fortune Blessed, Gnome Nightcloak, Soul Reaper, Vengeful Crusader, Watcher of Vengeance, and Zealous Demogogue
  • Martial College: added Bladestorm Duelist, Great Weapon Master, Siegebreaker, Snapping Tetsudo, and Wrathbearer
  • Primal College: added Animus Predator, Breach Warden, Primal Mapper, Scion of Renewal, Soul Igniter, and Stormcaller
  • General Paragon Tracks: Argentum Agent, Avenging Haunt, Bralani Wintersoul, Broken Mirror, Champion of the Labyrinth, Darkening Blade, Dragonfoe Ragespell, Enemy of the Abyss, Favored of Mielikki, Fireforged Champion, Half-Elf Polymath, Keeper of the Past, Mercurial Assassin, Mithral Arm, Scion of Absence, Shyran Spiritblade, Soul of Erosion, Soulforged, Storvakal, Traveler’s Harlequin, Underchasm Darkwatcher, and Vistani Execrator
  • And to Grad Studies: Bahamut’s Vessel, Disincarnate, Free Soul, Perfect Slayer, Raven Knight, and Soul of the World

Next update should be to the Demographic Survey, on account of I’ve added a lot of races since last time I uploaded it. We’ll see.