Too Many Options? No such thing.

03- Demographic Survey3

Beefed up the Demographic Survey a bit, with a bunch of new races:

  • Added some Human subraces: Botangle human, Complacent human, Foamgatherer Human, Sunspray Human, Vistani, and Wolfstone human
  • Dwarf subraces: exiled dwarf and forgeborn dwarf
  • Elf subraces: declining elf, dusk elf, winterkin eladrin
  • A few oddball Planetouched: Azerblood, Celadrin, D’hin’ni, and Worghest
  • One oddball Goblinoid: Norker
  • And a whole mess of “Other”: Adu’ja, Cyclopean (Menta and Feral-Kind), Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker, Diaboli, Bozak Draconian, Cactacae, Dhampyr, Garuda, techno Gnomes, Glimmerfolk, Golmoid, Gruwaar, Unsheltered halfling, Khepri, Phanaton, Revenant, T’kel, Tortle, and Vodyanoi

So how are you guys doing?