Twofer Tuesd… oh wait, it’s Saturday

Here’s a couple of updates for you.

03- Demographic Survey4

In the Demographic Survey, we plug in several elven subraces (Chossum Clan, Erendyl Clan, Faedial Clan, Grunalf Clan, Long Runner Clan, Maelidil Clan, Red Arrow Clan, and Water Elves), as well as Bladelings and a Draconian (Kapak).

And then, in the Basic Curriculum:

04z- Basic Curriculum4

Whoa! Merchant-Prince!

And also a sub-class of Elf (Elf Wizard), and a sub-class of Halfling (Master).

The Basic D&D Gazetteers were super-fun, for the record. I think Mystara may, end of the day, be my favorite setting.