More Spelljamming

Updating the Volo’s Spelljammer Appendix

Volos Spelljammer Appendix02

I expanded the information on a couple of worlds (Greatspace, Herospace, Vergonspace, and Vodonispace)

I’ve also added a ton of new worlds, including Alabeth, Barbuda, Bodi, Charon, Garrash, Golotspace, Gorthspace, Ignia, Kofuspace, Kra’akenspace, Midgard, Nivil, Nubis, Passarspace, Plata, Rodale, Salzarspace, the Sazaur Homeworld, Thalassa, Thasiaspace, Torus, an unnamed private recreational world, and Zalanispace

Just a little more Spelljammer to sift through, and hopefully, I’ll have some Ravenloft-related goodies in time for Halloween!