A couple more Spelljammer-related updates, and I’ll move on from space, to the darkest realms of terror. Well, “terror” as it relates to a broad comedy setting.

Volos Spelljammer Appendix03

Volos Spelljammer02

Into Volo’s Guide to Wildspace, we have an expanded page for the Rock of Bral (now including information on the Pantheistic College), plus some dandy new art courtesy David Cummings.

And for Volo’s Spelljammer Appendix, there’s just so many new worlds. Aerofalyn, Astrolyn, Barrara, Bondel, Boroda, cluster of 6 unnamed spheres, C’T’lk’atatspace, Glowrings Spheres, Heartspace, Herdspace, Kirstig’s World, Lorpulanspace, Lurienia, Moragspace, Nexspace, Ouiyanspace, Percelius, Pathspace, Primespace, Purity, Shadowspace, Unipaxala, Wayspace, and Zphidnin.

Plus, expanded information on Armistice, Garrash, and Radole. Maybe even a few I forgot to write down.

Coming soon: Van Richten’s Monster Hunting Institute (diabolical laugh)