5th Curriculum up to date

And now, the 5th Curriculum contains everything it’s s’posed to up to today. Unless there’s class options in Curse of Strahd. I haven’t looked at Curse of Strahd yet.

5e Majors2

Added to:

  • Barbarian (Path of the battlerager)
  • Bard (College of Satire, College of Swords)
  • Cleric (Arcana Domain)
  • Fighter (Cavalier, Purple Dragon Knight, Scout)
  • Monk (Way of Long Death, Way of the Sun Soul)
  • Paladin (Oath of the Crown)
  • Ranger (Deep Stalker)
  • Rogue (Mastermind)
  • Sorcerer (Shadow)
  • Warlock (the Undying, the Undying Light)
  • Wizard (Bladesinging)

Also, updated the intro a bit.