Hey there, sports fans

Quite a bit to see here. Firstly, I added several sports (chariot racing, croquet, jousting, quarterstaff fighting) to the PCAA document, as well as tweaks to the conference lists:


I also plucked a few more names (Ashley Evening, Trivanna, Trinna Barrowman) into the ol’ Cheerleaders doc:


A few new worlds in the Worlds Appendix (Dragonworld, Aelos, Marna’s World and Talaran):


I tucked two new schools into the Volo’s Greyhawk doc (Royal University at Rel Mord and Tower of the Heavens). I also moved Grand Academy at Otheme and the Seminary of Magdipar out because they belong in a different document:


Elsewhere, I updated the UofF at Iuz document to include some great art by David Cummings, a faculty page, and some tweaks to the format:


Volo’s Guide to the Wilderlands now includes the Sage School of Ancient Verities: