A course is a Course, of Course, of Course

Added several things to the course catalogs:

To the Basic Curriculum, I added the Mystic, as well as a page for the Immortal programs:


To the 1st Curriculum course catalog, so many things! The Black Wizard (under Wizards), the White Wizard (under Clerics), all the Oriental Adventures classes, many subclasses of Cavalier, the Mariner and the Barbarian Cleric.


And to the 5th Curriculum… hold onto your seats:

Barbarian (Path of the Ancestral Guardian, Path of the Storm Herald, Path of the Zealot)

Bard (College of Glamour, College of Whispers)

Cleric (Forge Domain, Grave Domain, Protection Domain)

Druid (Circle of Dreams, Circle of the Shepherd, Circle of Twilight)

Fighter (Arcane Archer, Knight, Samurai, Sharpshooter)

Monk (Way of the Sensei, Way of Tranquility)


Next time: even other stuff!