Some more teachers, from more books

All the faculty documents updated in one go!

The general Faculty document includes new additions Gunare and Mirt the Moneylender.

Faculty A

The Arcane Faculty now includes Athel the Deep One and Dutch of Garythane, and I’ve promoted Bargle the Infamous to the Tenured faculty:

Faculty Arcane

No particular changes to the Chivalric Faculty, but here it is anyway:

Faculty Chivalric

The Divine Faculty welcomes Alys the Cheerful:

Faculty Divine

The Martial Faculty presents, of all people, Red Sonja:

Faculty Martial

The Monster Faculty gets boosted with the Lake Midai Monster, Landryn Teriak, and Parlee:

Faculty Monster

I’ve done absolutely nothing to the Primal Faculty:

Faculty Primal

Exactly the same amount to the Psionic Faculty:

Faculty Psionic

And to round it all off, the Roguish Faculty now includes Flameflicker and Gord the Rogue:

Faculty Roguish