I’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?

The PCAA document has been tidied up a bit, and the sports section now includes: Deathball, Doubles Planetoid Scramble, Gladiatorial combat, Gondola Games, Icedrop, Mage Duels, Pin-Kill, Polo, Rock-throwing, Skiing, Sledding, Speed-skating, Stuff-Stuff, Thai Kick-boxing, and Tobogganing.)


And new additions to the Cheerleaders doc include Bonnie Bluebeard, Elsabet Bumm, Lara Zhinn, and Tenisha Fist. Penelope Danvers was renamed Daher because of some shuffling. And sharp-eyed individuals may notice that I’ve removed some schools I made up and replaced them with schools from actual D&D canon, for reasons. (This will be reflected when I actually rewrite the Collegiate Guides to the various worlds)


Finally, the Worlds Appendix enjoys the additions of Achea, Cat Kingdom, Charlemagne’s Empire, Hurva, Kaladesh, and SnarfWorld.

Worlds appendix