All-New, All-Different

Been a while since the last update, but Good News, Everyone!

All the documents on the front page have been completely redone (I know, I know, again) to form what is henceforth the Freshman’s Handbook. This is the basic kit for Sigil Prep, with new supplements to follow. Yes, it only covers the basics (Dwarf/Elf/Halfling/Human, Cleric/Fighter/Rogue/Wizard), but it covers them thoroughly, with the other elements to follow.

Hang tight, kids. Sigil Prep is about to get good.

(Edit: Reuploaded the “Classes” document which previously included some text that refers to rules I ended up not using.)

00- Intro

01- Character Creation

02- Races

03- Scholarships

04- Classes

04c- Cleric

04f- Fighter

04r- Rogue

04w- Wizard

04z- Undecided Majors

05- Electives

06- Calendar