You reach the fifth floor, luggage in hand, and stroll down the hall. ‘5D, 5D…’ As you pass 5C, you notice a clutch of people, all with luggage, all with the same slip of housing department stationery in hand. “You’re 5D, too?” one of them asks. You drop your bags and glance around at the six others standing at the same door.

“Maybe the room is bigger than it looks?” you ask. The fighter in the front turns the knob and swings the door open to reveal the one foot by one foot closet, already full to capacity with mops and detergents.

Neil w better hat“Oh, jeepers, fellers,” a giant, green floating head in an enormous ballcap says, bobbing down the hall behind you. “You might… *gulp* need to go to housing.” Everyone stares at the one-eyed horror with the mouth as large as some of the students. “And see Mr. Roper,” he says in a dramatic whisper. Tentacles droop down from under the hat, looking in all directions with the singular eyeballs on the end of each one. “But when you get back, I’ve got lemon squares and Stratego!”

The Sigil Prep campus is a fascinating place, but it isn’t altogether easy to navigate. Not just geographically, but socially. If you came to this wide, metropolitan campus from a small village, you may have never seen an elf or a bugbear before, much less been roommates with one.

In STUDENT LIFE, we take a look at life and leisure in the finest school in the finest city in the Multiverse.

CHAPTER 1- Life at Sigil Prep


CHAPTER 3- Recreation

CHAPTER 4- The Sigil Prep Academic Calendar

CHAPTER 5- School Administration, Staff, and non-Adventuring Faculty

CHAPTER 6- A History of Sigil Prep

CHAPTER 7- Faiths of Sigil Prep