logo newYou knock sheepishly on the door. It opens slowly, and Professor Strahd von Zarovich stares at you for what seems an eternity.

“I… I’m having trouble with the incantations on last night’s Necromancy homework? My zombie only shuffles backwards and the left arm isn’t animated.”

The vampire nods slowly. “Very well, let me see what you’re doing. But be quick about it. I teach Dramatic Brooding at noon.”

Nobody has as hard a time as the Administrator. Worse still, he never gets to graduate.

The ADMINISTRATORS GUIDE is your DM kit for running games at Sigil Prep.

CHAPTER 1- Running Sigil Prep

CHAPTER 2- The Monster School

CHAPTER 3- A Guide to Cosmologies

CHAPTER 4- Magic Items of Sigil Prep

CHAPTER 5- Monsters of Sigil Prep