“Order up!” the orc barks from the counter, slapping a metal tray onto the counter, the ash from his cigar just barely missing the pie of tomato sauce, cheese and assorted meats and vegetables on top. He slaps a fly just inches from the dish and scoops it away with his spatula, coughing as he returns to pounding dough with his hairy, calloused hands.

A scant second later, the pie vanishes from the counter, seemingly appearing of its oninja_delivery[1]wn accord on your table, and a ninja stands beside you. “Do we… tip?” your roommate asks.

“No need,” the ninja says, “I have removed the required funds from your coin purse.” And he vanishes.

You hesitate over the meal you just paid for as you hear the orc hack and spit in the kitchen. Undaunted, your roommate picks up a slice and cautiously bites into it. A moment later, his eyes grow wide. “Holy crap, this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten!”

Sigil East is a comfy little college town situated amidst the busiest city in the multiverse. Every student needs to leave campus once in a while, and in Sigil East, there’s more than enough to keep them occupied.

VOLO’S GUIDE TO SIGIL EAST explores the suburb of doors in detail, making note of places and also the people you are likely to meet.

CHAPTER 1- An Overview of Sigil East

CHAPTER 2- Shopping in Sigil East

CHAPTER 3- Dining in Sigil East

CHAPTER 4- Nightlife in Sigil East

CHAPTER 5- Services in Sigil East

CHAPTER 6- Lodging in Sigil East

CHAPTER 7- Other Points of Interest