Rearranged and split up the Monster School document a bit, so there’s now a main document:

Chap 2 Monster School

And a Faculty doc:

Chap 2b Monster Faculty

And a collection of Monster students:

Chap 2c Monster Students


Who Organizes the Organizers?

I broke down the Administration document into three parts.

Firstly, the Administration document covers the Circle of Deans in more detail than ever: Chap 5a Administration

Then, the Academic Faculty, listing teachers who teach things other than adventuring: Chap 5b Academic Faculty

And finally, Staff, listing… uh. Staff. Janitors and coaches and Mr. Roper: Chap 5c Staff

And while we’re at it, I did some mild tweaking to the History document, so I might as well upload it: Chap 6 History

Some more bookkeeping

I did some tweaks to some documents, yay.

Chap 2b Campus Tour Red: Some typo corrections to the Red Campus Tour

Chap 2d Campus Tour Black: I put the Azer Dorm description back in line, and expanded it. A list of freshmen inhabitants of Azer Dorm has been removed to place in another document.

Chap 2e Campus Tour Blue: Expanded the description of Mordenkainen Hall

Chap 3 Recreation: I had some school coaching staff listed under “Sports” in this document, but am moving them to another document.

PC corrections

I’ve moved the PCs of Legend document to the Student’s Handbook page as an appendix. In doing so, I’ve done some general corrections and notably expanded Vander’s profile based on a conversation with his player, and remembered to put Gear in the damn thing. How in Nine Hells did I forget Gear!?

zApp- PCs of Legend