Druids update without punny title

Some minor tweaks to the Druid Major:


And a few new names in the Druid Students doc:

Druid Students


Of Tinkers and Toilers

Expanding the cast of Artificer students, including RC Racer and mainstay Trish Brewer, along with Shock and Scream, and an expansion of Roxy’s profile (which has been moved to Grad Students because I have been given a convincing argument for her being a TA):

Artificer Students

and I’m a PC

Updated the PCs of Legend, with some things Iltinger’s player remembered because he remembers better than I do. Also, some latter day players from the end of the old campaign (Kevin Deathspittle, Ghesh Hellscarred, Hurut Bloodwrought).

zApp- PCs of Legend