Sigil Prep created by Patrick Duke

Twitter: @mrpatduke

YouTube: (Golden Age and Archie Comics)

Art by David Cummings

Honor Role of the PCs:

David Cummings as Merrick Gasper (spacefaring adventurer, 2006 campaign) and Rae Quetzali (parrot pirate, 2017 campaign), longtime friend, site artist, and most helpful collaborator

Chris Koch as Roxy d’Cannith (hardcore hedonist artificer, 2006 campaign) and Leo Delgado (cowboy bard, 2017 campaign), great friend, and helpful collaborator

Calvin as Korwan (2006 campaign) and pyromaniac hamster Blue (2006 and 2017 campaigns) and helpful collaborator

Mike as Iltinger (birdman and perpetual fall guy, 2006 campaign), Lorenzo (crazy gatorman, 2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

Ronni as Pembe Erasilmus (nymphic bard, 2006 campaign) and Marty Martinson (2017 campaign), and helpful collaborator

Pookachan as Moralulani (tiefling local, 2006 and 2017 campaigns), friend and helpful collaborator

Unit 0001 (flesh-phobic warforged, 2006 and 2017 campaigns), and helpful collaborator

Evan Sageser as Jennifer (tiefling homeschool kid, 2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

Ionbound as Sarah McAllister (gunsmithing possibly future werewolf, 2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

Frances (skeleton guy, 2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

Shiori (ninja, 2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

Kristian Gilfillan as Maki (2017 campaign) and helpful collaborator

t’Nee (tiny frog guy, 2017 campaign)

Alison as Amizath (changeling swashbuckler, 2006 campaign) and great friend

Tim as Vander (tiefling monk, 2006 campaign) and Kevin Deathspittle (also 2006 campaign) and overseas friend

Caleb as Xizlqk (mind flayer, 2006 campaign)

Bill as Bix (flighty pixie girl, 2006 campaign) and sometime con buddy

Alex as Daveon (paladin, 2006 campaign), enthusiastic promoter of all things Sigil Prep and bud

Jaro (halfling barbarian, 2006 campaign)

Doen Greener (peppy squirrel-girl, 2017 campaign)

Hano (playful catgirl, 2017 campaign)

Saccha (kobold cook, 2017 campaign)

Simon (time-traveler, newspaper-swatter, 2017 campaign)

Herman as Hespero (conspiracy theorist werebat, 2006 campaign)

the Demented One as Zenra (shapeshifting bard, 2006 campaign) and creator of many spells and magic items

Gear (halfling gadgeteer, 2006 campaign)

Akbar (muffin-fearing warrior, 2006 campaign), who also played Kythind (kobold reporter, 2006 campaign)

Biklik (troublesome kobold, 2006 campaign)

Hal (fire genasi cleric, 2006 campaign)

Niazan (too confusing to get into, 2006 campaign), who was also Riessa Silverpaw (cat druid, 2006 campaign)

Nyaaguh (half-orc bard, 2006 campaign)

Rook (2006 campaign)

Kreeba and the Squad (goblin quartet, 2006 campaign)

Acylacia (rogue tiefling, 2006 campaign)

Adam Theoson (2006 campaign)

Araignce (2006 campaign)

Arin (2006 campaign)

Cado Lost Mountain (frog dude, 2006 campaign)

Cariel Then (sweet druid, 2006 campaign)

Deiter Phlann (2006 campaign)

Fluffum (cuddly but cunning hedgehog boy, 2006 campaign)

Kylen (drow pirate, 2006 campaign)

Ghesh (2006 campaign)

Hurut (2006 campaign)

Lemmy (2006 campaign)

Lewis Skelnuk (necromantic hacker, 2006 campaign)

Lupus (shapeshifting loner, 2006 campaign)

Malafaust (2006 campaign)

Ozzie Dark (2006 campaign)

Qualmegoth (2006 campaign)

Rahariel (vampire elf girl, 2006 campaign)

Raziae (2006 campaign)

Rei (innocent catgirl, 2006 campaign)

Samwrothe Medani (2006 campaign)

Urufu (2006 campaign)

Valien (2006 campaign)

Vlad (hatchling red dragon, 2006 campaign)

Wren Readman (2006 campaign)

Xaralynn (2006 campaign)

Annastrai (2017 campaign)

Caeruleus (2017 campaign)

Doraad (2017 campaign)

Litharos (2017 campaign)

Shiki (2017 campaign)

Signite (2017 campaign)

Silgon (2017 campaign)

and the Prank-King (2006 campaign), whoever the hell you were

And Special Thanks to:

Ghostwheel for saving so much of my original 3e website, and Tyger and Judas Goat-Baali, who quote-mined a lot of my 4e material for motivational poster memes, preserving it for my reference (in my complete and total disregard for saving my old stuff).

Folks from the old WotC message boards, including reinforcements (who created Coach Klank), DeeL, manyfist, a-man-in-black, Gilganarz the Reporter, Jandor1, Madrion, Dagda Mor, theOne333, scwolf, Kodiak Claw, ravendm, Dogurasu Thanatos, and many others who contributed and joked back during my original brainstorming.

All my fans, both known to me and unknown, who have enjoyed and/or run any iteration of my setting

Anyone else I have forgotten in my ramblings. If your name is missing, send me a tweet, or comment