Changing History

I made a few additions to the History document:

Chap 4- History

Should have some all new material in the next day or so, as well.


Some Updates

Some updating (great and small) of existing pages:

Chap 2- Races Added a few races, moved a few things around

PCs of Legend main Added a headshot of Sarah

Chap 3- Calendar mostly fixing typos

Chap 5- Recreation Added a Hanover Hellhound write-up; this was originally intended to be a separate document, but I decided I didn’t have enough material to justify that.

And now, the Admin Guide

Beginning the revamping of the Administrator’s Guide with, appropriately, Chapter 1.

Chap 1 Running SP

Although this particular document is largely just reformatted and only slightly rewritten, the overall Administrator’s Guide page will contain considerable amounts of new material, including NPC majors, magic items, boons and other special rewards, and a side of bacon.