Took me long enough

I finally have a Backgrounds document!

Chap 7 Background

I also re-uploaded a couple of docs, although there’s no significant changes. Just like to keep everything fresh:

Chap 5 Equipment

Chap 6 Magic



I moved the Faculty documents from the Majors page to the Student Life page so all administration and faculty are together.

Cleaning House

I’ve got a lot of stuff written but not on the site, for no really good reason, so I’m going to take care of that. Notably, here’s a new version of the “And the Rest” races document with massive additions:

Chap 3a the Rest

Also, I moved Centaur to the regular Races document, on account of an Unearthed Arcana:

Chap 3 Races

And I’m re-uploading the following documents just ’cause:

Chap 1 Intro

Chap 2 Character Creation

Chap 4 Course Catalog