Volo’s Ravenloft

The Volo’s Guide to the Demiplane of Dread needs a substantial overhaul, so for now, here’s a placeholder.

Volos Ravenloft

Please note that I’m replacing “exists in Sigil Prep” only school Van Richten’s Monster-Hunting Academy with “actual Ravenloft canon” school the University of Il Aruk. There should be a change to that document shortly.

Sigil Prep podcast?

This site doesn’t get nearly the kind of traffic the original Sigil Prep site got, so I’m not sure how many relevant folks will see this, but I’m curious about whether a #sigilprep gameplay podcast would get any traction?

Lots of logistics to work out, of course. Getting players together in a recordable environment (Skype? Discord?) on a regular basis, for one. Also, I’ve never actually run Sigil Prep in realtime, only on forums, and that anything-goes feel of my original game… I want that.

Anyway, gauging interest. Sigil Prep fans, spread the word.

So Many Schools in Such a Secondary Setting

Updating the Kara-Tur document, including several new schools: The Do Jang of Won Kwang, Ha Rahni School, Hueng’s Wu Jen School, Military School of Wan Tonki, Okan’ing School, Qu Tong School of Martial Arts, River Dragon Temple School, Shinobugaoka, and Uisa To School.

Volos KaraTur

Separate documents for the Light-Sparkling Water School and the Wang Ho School of Kung-Fu are pending.