Behold, the Power of Cheese

The Player’s Guide to the Plane of Dairy. I’ve moved the Feta Knight from the Paladin booklet, and the Dairy Genasi from the Races booklet, and even included a brand new Warlock patron (The Sharp Side) and several new magic weapons.

Plane of Dairy- Players

Plane of Dairy World Book is forthcoming.


Clean-Up Day

Did a little routine clean-up on the Student Life page documents, in particular:

I added a few languages to the Student Life chapter:

Chap 1 Student Life

Did some maintenance on the Black Campus Tour doc:

Chap 2d Campus Tour Black

Added “Milk Day” to the Calendar document (in preparation to a big new document I’m working on):

Chap 4 Calendar

Lots of tweaks and additions to the Faiths of Sigil Prep (because of my obsession):

Chap 7 Faiths

And a few minor tweaks to the D# Princesses doc:

Org 1 DSharp Princesses