So Many Schools in Such a Secondary Setting

Updating the Kara-Tur document, including several new schools: The Do Jang of Won Kwang, Ha Rahni School, Hueng’s Wu Jen School, Military School of Wan Tonki, Okan’ing School, Qu Tong School of Martial Arts, River Dragon Temple School, Shinobugaoka, and Uisa To School.

Volos KaraTur

Separate documents for the Light-Sparkling Water School and the Wang Ho School of Kung-Fu are pending.

Lit Class

Slight tweaks to the Nehwon Guide and the Mark Cornwell’s World Guide:

Volos Lankhmar

Volos Mark Cornwalls World

And some slight modifications to the Active Student’s Guild doc:

Active Students Guild

(Note that this will be one of two made-up-by-me schools after I’m done reworking the PCAA documents. Otherwise, I’ll be using schools from D&D canon for rival schools. I just don’t think there’s a single reference to a school in any of the Lankhmar supplements.)